I'm an environmental scientist interested in monitoring and modeling contaminant fate, bioaccumulation, and human exposure. I have also maintained an interest in environmental statistics and data analysis applications, as well as information exchange, collaboration, and education with other environmental specialists and the general public. 

I am broadly interested in linking environmental science and environmental health, and in the application of statistical and mechanistic models to interpret environmental data at the watershed and ecoregional scale.  My PhD research plans at UC Berkeley are currently in development.  Topic areas I am interested in include: 
1.  What is the relative importance of heterogeneity in watershed dynamics, within-embayment processes, and human behavior for contaminant exposure to human seafood consumers. 
2.  What is the contaminant flux between the indoor and outdoor environment, and how does this flux ultimately affect human and ecosystem exposure to contaminants.
3.  How do widely used and studied industrial chemicals compare to recently developed "Green" alternatives in terms of potential environmental legacies.

This website provides access to my journal publications and other information on my work.  For more information, contact me on my gmail account at greenfieldben1