I'm an environmental health scientist interested in monitoring and modeling contaminant fate, bioaccumulation, and human exposure. I have also maintained an interest in environmental statistics and data analysis applications, as well as information exchange, collaboration, and education with other environmental specialists and the general public. 

I am interested in linking environmental science and environmental health, and in the application of statistical and mechanistic models to interpret environmental data at the watershed and ecoregional scale.  My PhD research at UC Berkeley focuses on modeling the environmental dissemination of disease, evaluating antibiotics and antibiotic resistance as a case study. I also work on additional research areas, in collaboration with other scholars: 1. Environmental justice issues associated with human exposure to multiple stressors, including unconventional oil and gas exploration in the US, and 2. Spatiotemporal patterns in bioaccumulation and biomagnification of legacy trace contaminants (e.g., mercury and PCBs). 

Current ongoing collaborations include:
-My PhD advisor Tom McKone, UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Labs
-Modeling selection for antibiotic resistance with Olivier Joilliet, University of Michigan
-Metaanalysis of community-associated MRSA colonization with Marina Wang, Robert Snyder, Craig Steinmaus, and Lee Riley, UC Berkeley
-Monitoring air pollution at fracking sites adjacent to sensitive receptors in the Colorado Front Range with Diane Gonzales and Michael Jerrett, Systems Approach to Green Energy - IGERT Program, UC Berkeley Center For Green Chemistry 
-Assessing California human population residing adjacent to active petroleum development sites with Seth Shonkoff, PSE Healthy Energy and Kyle Ferrar, FracTracker Alliance
-Historic trends in bivalve mercury bioaccumulation in San Francisco Bay with Allison Luengen, University of San Francisco
-Metals bioaccumulation in freshwater ecosystems and human exposure hazard in China with Huan Zhong, Nanjing University and Fei Dang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
-GIS and multivariate analysis of watershed legacy pollutant loading to San Francisco Bay with Lester McKee and Alicia Gilbreath, San Francisco Estuary Institute
-Sediment Quality Objectives for indirect effects to seafood consumers in California with Steve Bay, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project 

This website provides access to my journal publications, teaching interests, and other information on my work.  For more information about any of these research areas, contact me on my gmail account at greenfieldben1